Following the India Route – Part Three

Hey Guys ♥

By now, I have finally arrived in Pune!

Laxmi Road in Pune, Maharashtra.
Laxmi Road in Pune, Maharashtra.

But first things first, before Batch 18 was ready to embark on our Indian adventure, we were invited to a two-day introduction seminar in Heidelberg, Germany. We arrived there on Wednesday, February 18, and stayed at the Hip Hotel, which is absolutely fabulous! Every room is themed after another city of the world, which made for some great dinner conversations! I was staying in room Prague, which was stunningly beautiful and exactly to my taste: A giant canopy bed, white “brick” walls, and an antique street lantern as the main light source of the room 🙂

My room in Heidelberg :)
My room in Heidelberg 🙂

Heidelberg Prague (2) Heidelberg Prague (3)

After a few welcome drinks on Wednesday, Thursday was the first day of the seminar, followed by a lovely dinner at the Heidelberger Kulturbrauerei. Friday evening and all of Saturday were free, and we used the time to explore Heidelberg and enjoy the cold and the rain for one last time before our departure to more tropical climates 😉

Castle ruins in Heidelberg
Castle ruins in Heidelberg
Collapsed tower at Heidelberg Castle
Collapsed tower at Heidelberg Castle

Sunday was the big day. After one last breakfast with lots of Nutella and Croissants, we were picked up to go to the airport in Frankfurt/Main. The last few hours on German soil for the foreseeable future! The flight itself was rather uneventful, although I wished I could have slept a few hours more. Instead, I made extensive use of the in-flight entertainment program. I watched Nightcrawler (which was … good?), The first episode of Penny Dreadful (could be interesting), the start of True Detective (didn’t quite get into it), and the first half of Pride, which was wonderful, but unfortunately the flight was over too fast so I still have to finish it sometime 😉

And then, at ~ 4 am, we finally arrived at Pune International Airport! After spending quite some time with customs/health inspection/border control, we finally stepped outside into the Indian air in the early morning! The weather was absolutely wonderful, our pick-up was already there, and off we were to our flats!

My home for the next nine months!
My home for the next nine months!

After a tour of all the flats and some important information, I finally went to sleep at 7 am, only to get up about 4 hours later to unpack and get ready for our Welcome-Pizza-Party, but more about that and our first few days in Pune with the next post 😉

See you guys! ✿✿✿


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