From Dublin to Berlin to Pune

Hey Guys! ♥

The last one and a half weeks were full of contrasts and opposites for me. Last week practically started in the most un-Indian way possible, with me and some friends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the Irish Village in Koregaon Park. The place is absolutely lovely, outside you can sit in cozy little huts and the beer was good enough that even I liked it! And you should definitely try their “It’s got to be Irish”-Cocktail, made of Bailey’s Vodka, Gin and Triple Sec. Yeah, I definitely had to stop myself from drinking more than one, it was so good.

2015-03-18 00.33.26

2015-03-18 00.30.38

"Caution! Leprechauns Crossing!"
“Caution! Leprechauns Crossing!”

The following Friday, we were invited to the launch of a new restaurant here in Pune called “Mahlzeit”. You probably guessed it, it’s not exactly traditional Indian cuisine 😉 Instead, it’s a Berlin Street Food vendor, owned by a German-Indian guy from Neuss. I have to admit, I’m quite relieved to know that I can still get my healthy dose of Currywurst almost 7.000 km away from home 😉

mahlzeit at Koregaon Park
mahlzeit at Koregaon Park
Now that's a menu to my taste
Now that’s a menu to my taste
As good as any Currywurst I've ever had
As good as any Currywurst I’ve ever had

So, after spending the last week reminiscing about my old homes in Germany and Dublin, this week I needed to get back to my new home in India. So on Saturday, Marina, Steffi and I decided to go Sari shopping at Laxmi Road. And what an experience it was! After entering the shop, we had to take off our shoes and sat on the cushioned floor. Then the salesperson just started throwing tons of fabric at us, which we could examine, touch, and discuss excessively. After we finally had decided on one fabric each, it was time to get wrapped up 😉 The salesperson expertly draped us in our chosen fabrics, and I think I speak for the three of us when I say we felt a little bit like princesses in our new clothes 🙂

Kolam in front of flower shop at Laxmi Road
Rangoli in front of a small shrine at Laxmi Road
Kolam at Laxmi Road
Rangoli at Laxmi Road
Post-shopping selfie!
Post-shopping selfie! (c) Marina Hahn
Sari sneak peek :)
Sari sneak peek 🙂

The following Sunday, Marina and I decided to defy our weariness and go to the temples on top of Parvati Hill. At 5.45 in the morning. By rickshaw. That was probably the first (and only!) time I was actually really freezing cold here in India 🙂 The largest of the temples, Parvati Temple, is dedicated to Parvati, the mother Goddess, wife of Shiva and mother of Ganesha. All in all there are five different temples on Parvati Hill, but at least in the morning the temples did not seem to be the main attraction for many visitors. There are several common areas on the temple grounds, were we could see all kinds of people jogging or doing yoga or push-ups while blasting hip-hop out of their cell phones. So our intuition was once again right, and bringing my yoga mat that morning definitely paid of 🙂

View over Pune from Pravati Hill
View over Pune from Parvati Hill
2015-03-22 06.55.45
Sunrise over Pune

2015-03-22 06.51.09

Shrine at one of the temples
Shrine at one of the temples
Parvati Temple
Parvati Temple
Apparently, not every temple is as holy as the others ....
Apparently, not every temple is as holy as the others ….

2015-03-22 08.08.10

Goodbye-committee downstairs of Parvati Hill
Goodbye-committee downstairs of Parvati Hill

The next Monday, our big time had finally come. To celebrate Gudi Padwa, the Hindu New Years’s celebration, Crest decided to have a so called “Traditional Day”, where all the employees were expected to come to work in traditional Indian clothes. And yes, that meant us interns, too! Before that, us Sari-Girls however were still faced with the almost insurmountable task of wrapping ourselves into our Saris! Countless YouTube videos were watched, but the right Sari wrapping technique still seemed elusive to me. In the end, we had no need to worry though, since a whole bunch of our colleagues practically dragged us into the washroom to re-drape our Saris in a more expertly fashion 😉 By then, I was definitely feeling like a real Disney Princess 🙂

All of Batch 18 in our best traditional clothes
All of Batch 18 in our best traditional clothes


Shweta, Swati and me! :)
Shweta, Swati and me! 🙂
bad quality selfie just to show you my bindi and earrings
bad quality selfie just to show you my bindi and earrings

We really do look quite lovely, don’t we? 😉

This weekend, we’ll be getting a private tour through Pune arranged by one of the colleagues, and if everything pans out the way it is supposed to be, I might get some truly amazing pictures 🙂 I don’t want to tell too much though, or might just jinx it 🙂

See you! ✿✿✿


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