Weekend Getaway to Italy!

Hey Guys!

Last Sunday, some colleagues and I decided to take a short trip to Lavasa outside of Pune. According to Wikipedia, Lavasa “is a private, planned city being built near Pune. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino, with a street and several buildings bearing the name of that town”. Compared to bustling and crowded Pune, the quiet and cozy Lavasa really does feel more European than Indian, without losing its “Indianess” completely. The weird mixture of Indian and artificially European influences does give the town its very own unique, even absurd, charme 🙂 It really looks like what you’d imagine an Indian city built to look like an Italian city would look like.

We left very early in the morning, reaching Lavasa around 9, and were avidly looking forward for a hearty breakfast at the “All American Diner”. Alas, for some reason they only served a breakfast buffet that morning, consisting solely of Indian breakfast, and so off we went to have breakfast at CCD before returning to the American Diner for lunch 😉 The diner alone is reason enough to go to Lavasa, so you’ll probably see more pics from there than anywhere else in Lavasa 😀

Lavasa impressions
The All American Diner!
Mosaic at the Lavasa promenade
They even have an “olde” English pub here!
Lavasa hills

After Lavasa, we still took a short detour to Lonavla, to uy some of the famous Chikki and Fudge from there and have dinner. Right next to the restaurant where we were eating, they had built a new Hotel/Resort, with the rooms being actual TREEHOUSES!!! How awesome is that? Unfortunately, their rates are also quite awe-inspiring, so I guess I’ll have to make do with the short room tour we got there.

Evening snack in Lonavla (I later realized that eating something with lots of ice cubes from questionable origin was maybe not a good idea. Everything was alright though ;))
Rumourss Skyvilla Resort in Lonavla!

Tomorrow, it is finally time for the Pune Oktoberfest! Unfortunately, cell phones aren’t allowed at the race course, so I won’t be able to take any pictures 😦 (I might try to smuggle my phone in though :D) Otherwise, I hope to back with a new post rather soon anyway, probably a short book review 🙂


Changes …

Wow, this time it took me only one month between the last two posts to update my blog! I’m almost proud of myself. I feel like I should really try to post at least once a week, but then something always gets in the way, and I’m not really sure what to write about. It’s not that nothing is going on here, it’s just that by now, I spend most of my time at work or having lunch/dinner at Koregaon Park or Kalyani Nagar, which is nice but unless you want instagramed pix of my food, not all that interesting for you I guess. This Sunday I’m going to Lavasa and Lonavla, and the week after that we’ll go to the “Oktoberfest” (yes, you read that right. Brace yourselves!) and I will try really hard to take some good pictures this time (cf. HERE), so I guess there’ll be another post coming soon(-ish).

Anyway, originally this blog was supposed to be a public travel journal to keep family and friends up to date about what’s going on in my life, but also a vehicle for me to become Internet famous and a full-time travel/lifestyle/hipster-blogger who gets paid for going to the beach and instagraming their breakfast. Alas, that didn’t happen as fast as I would have liked and I still need a day-job to pay the bills, which also makes going to the beach and having Instagram-worthy brunches everyday a lot harder. Sigh. Anyway, I decided I won’t let the reality of everyday-grown-up life distract me from writing and pursuing my true passion, which is feeling important and interesting (and getting likes on facebook). So good news everyone, even if nothing interesting is happening in my life, I will still fill this blog with all the profound thoughts and opinions running through my head all day long! Yay!

Okay seriously, I have always loved writing, whether I was writing bad poetry in high school, research papers at University, or travel journals during my time in Ireland/UK and India. For me, writing was always the best way to sort out my thoughts, whether it was about things going on in my life (I have not only one, but TWO private diaries at the moment, wow), my academic research, or my opinions on the last movie I saw or restaurant I visited. In some cases, writing has become almost therapeutic for me (hence the TWO diaries), and it’s at least a nice way to find my inner peace again after a long day at work. So I’ve decided that even if the traveling and adventuring is taking a back seat at the moment, I still want to keep this blog active and updated as a personal blog. So over the next few weeks, you will hopefully find more posts from me here, whether it’s about a movie I saw, an issue that interests me, or just some rambling about my life. (Let’s be realistic though, I’ll most likely just talk about the newest episode of How To Get Away With Murder or my favorite cake recipes. I’m not a very deep person after all).

I hope you’ll stick around for all my future attention-seeking shenanigans and see you soon!

Wow, I’m Bad at Taking Pictures ….

Okay, I promised you some new posts and pictures from Lisa’s and Daniel’s visit the last time, and now that time has finally come! Unfortunately, I’ve once again realized that am not really hipster-material, because I’m really just very bad at taking pictures. I generally tend to forget to pictures completely, and if I do take some, they never turn out that great. So obviously, you won’t find a single picture of Elephanta Island in here, because why would I take a picture of a bunch of monkeys running around some thousand year old cave temples off the coast of Mumbai, if I can instead NOT take pictures? I guess you can google Elephanta Island and then you’ll have to believe me that I was there. I did manage at least a few nice pix from that trip, so there you go! Apart from going to Mumbai and Kerala it was also really nice to meet my friends from Germany again. When you live here as an intern, it’s very easy to get lost in your own bubble and you can easily lose your sense of “reality” or groundedness (that is not a real word I guess), so it was nice to have some contact to the “real world” again. Plus, it’s always interesting to see Germans during their first time in India! So many things have just become normal after almost 9 months that you almost forget how “weird” or foreign they actually are.

So here are the pictures! Enjoy 🙂

Valuable advice from Antony!
Valuable advice from Antony!
I'm pretty sure this is non-Veg ....
I’m pretty sure this is non-Veg ….
Antony's Paradise Inn Yoga Retreat in Allepey
Antony’s Paradise Inn Yoga Retreat in Allepey
Allepey Backwaters
Allepey Backwaters
Our lunch, cooked by the Captain's wife
Our lunch, cooked by the Captain’s wife
Our Canoe!
Our Canoe!
Photo with our Captain and his wife
Photo with our Captain and his wife
Selfie Time!
Selfie Time!

20150917_121827 20150917_121731 20150917_121340


20150917_111517 20150917_121245

Meet my new friend, Ramakrishna! :)
Meet my new friend, Ramakrishna! 🙂

20150917_111502 20150917_111511 20150917_104615



Japanese Food in Kochi
Japanese Food in Kochi
Mumbai Central Station
Gateway of India
Gateway of India
Victoria Terminal Mumbai


Mumbai Victoria Terminal
Mumbai Victoria Terminal



See you soon with my next post 🙂

Update: Lisa was nice enough to allow me to post some of her pictures from Elephanta, so here they are!







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