Goodbye India & Airport Thoughts

As I am writing these lines, it is currently 11.30 PM IST, and I’m sitting in front of Gate 15 at Delhi Airport. Behind me is an adventurous Rickshaw ride to Pune Airport and an 2-hour flight to Delhi, in front of me, my return to Germany after 9 months in India. In about 4 hours, our flight to Frankfurt will depart from here, and then another 8 hours later we will touch the ground again in good old Germany.

After 9 months in India, 9 months of working at Crest, and 9 months of being one of the twelve members of Batch 18 I will return back to my birthplace in Germany to live with my father for a while. As I spend the hours waiting for my flight, a lot of thoughts keep running through my head. It struck me how amazing it is that you can just hop into a plane and a few hours later arrive not only in a different place, country, or even continent, but in a different life altogether. My time in India has been fundamentally different from everything else I’ve experienced in the previous 26 years of my life, and has shaped me in ways that I probably can’t even imagine right now. Living in a country so different from my own, working here, was fun, exciting, scary and terrifying at the same time.
I’ve often thought that I am not only living in a different country, but in a parallel world somehow. On the one hand, I’ve left my family and friends that I’ve known for years back home in Germany, while at the same time making new friends and finding some kind of surrogate family in Pune. Of course, the people from Germany are still a part of my life here in India, but no matter how often you call, write or skype to tell them about your life, you can not actually share your experiences with them, and they always remain on the outside in a way. On the other hand, you meet a lot of people here and some of them become very close and dear to you, but they have only known you for a very short amount of time and you don’t share a past with them like you do with your old friends, and very likely you won’t share a future with them in most cases either. It feels like living two different lifes separate from each other, and all it takes is a single flight to go from one to the other.
If you asked me right now where I am at home, I could not answer you. Pune truly was my home for almost a year, but now it is time to move on. Idar-Oberstein never really felt like home, even before I left to go to University or to move abroad. I always loved living in Hochheim, close to Mainz and Frankfurt, but too much has changed in the last few years and most of the people who made living there so awesome have moved on to other places as well. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking and searching for a little while longer.
For now, I want to finish this post with some pictures from the last two weeks, including pictures from my birthday, a few nice cafes and restaurants, and last but not least our 90’s Trash Farewell Junkyard Sale Party!


Back to the 90’s
Jewelry I got as a farewell present from my team!
One last time in a Saree for work on my last day in office
Amruta from my team and I
One of the last late night walks through KP
Breakfast at the German Bakery


Rickshaw with built-in entertainment system!
Mini Cupcakes @Pink Butter! I love the interior of the place!

20151106_11550620151106_115454 20151106_115447 20151106_115441 20151106_114447

Exterior of the Pink Butter
Birthday dinner at Malaka Spice (including the traditional Indian ‘cake face’)
Birthday cake @Malaka Spice
Birthday on our balcony, including Mehendi and cake-in-your-face 😀


Steff, Marina and I with our awesome wooden sunglasses at the Zapalooza Festival

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