Visiting the Dutchland

A few days before Christmas, I once again escaped the confines of my little village and ventured out to explore the big, wide world. Well, okay, actually I went to another small village in the Netherlands. Anyway, at least I traveled again! I was only there for a few days, so I didn’t have that much time to travel around, but I did manage to squeeze in some nice things!
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Back in Germany – 2. Christmas Markets in Idar-Oberstein and Munich

This took way longer than planned, because our Wifi decided to die on us almost two weeks ago. Sorry! 

In the first week after my return to Germany, I was asked if I wanted to join my stepmother in helping a family friend at her shop and at a Christmas flea market she was having at her home, so I could keep myself busy a bit so that my “homesickness” and the culture shock of returning to Germany were a bit less terrible.

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One Month Later – 1. Thoughts about Things

So many memories ….

Wow, so yesterday it’s been exactly one month since I left India. Sometimes it feels like ages ago, surreal and almost like a dream, and sometimes it feels like it’s only been yesterday, and I catch myself seeing news and events and restaurant recommendations from Pune thinking about going there as well, only to realize I’m several thousand kilometers away on a different continent.

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