Back in Germany – 2. Christmas Markets in Idar-Oberstein and Munich

This took way longer than planned, because our Wifi decided to die on us almost two weeks ago. Sorry! 

In the first week after my return to Germany, I was asked if I wanted to join my stepmother in helping a family friend at her shop and at a Christmas flea market she was having at her home, so I could keep myself busy a bit so that my “homesickness” and the culture shock of returning to Germany were a bit less terrible.

Belinda Anton is a photographer, artists and popular author of several shabby chic DIY books, and in her shop in Kirn she sells lots of cute and original accessories for your home if your looking for something with a little bit more charm and personality than the stuff you get at IKEA. You can check out her website here: The best part about her flea market were her two little pugs though 🙂

The next weekend was already the first advent weekend, and we had the first Christmas market of the year in Idar-Oberstein. One part of the Chrsitmas market was in the old city center, below the Felsenkirche, and the second part was on top of the hill in the castle.

I also had some time to check out the stores there and visited the bookshop I used to work at as an intern while I was still in High School, but unfortunately no one I recognized was there so I couldn’t say hi to my old colleagues. The Christmas market itself was of course very small but very lovely, with a lot of food stalls, arts and crafts, local wines and liquors and of course some famous jewelry from Idar-Oberstein! Here are some of the local jewelry manufacturers that I found especially interesting:

Jürgen Stellwagen and Andrea Sohne are two jewelry designers from Idar-Oberstein, and I think their designs can only be described as true “statement pieces”. If you’re looking for real, handcrafted, unique jewelry for special occasions, this might be it!

Kerstin Kavalirek from Feinwerkk creates intricate jewelry designs which look like they could come straight from your grandmothers stitching box!

Last weekend then, I decided to leave Idar-Oberstein behind and visited some friends in Munich. We also went to several Christmas markets there, from the Christkindlemarkt to the Mittelaltermarkt and the biggest “Feuerzangenbowle” in the world 🙂 I know a lot of people complain about the fact that we still didn’t have any snow and that it’s way too warm, but I’ve never been really good at dealing with the cold and after nine months of tropical climate, I am quite grateful for the mild temperatures 😉 In fact, it was so warm in Munich that we needed to get rid of our scarfs and coats and walk around in our sweaters only! So basically the whole weekend consisted of enjoying the sun, eating food from the stalls, and drinking “Glühwein”. And listening to the Hamilton Cast Recording on repeat, because thank God my friends are just as obsessed with that show as I am 😀

Here are some pictures from there as well!

So those were the last four weeks here in Germany, if everything goes according to plan it’ll only be another four before I can go back to India 🙂

In a few days, I’ll share some pictures from my trip to the Netherlands, and then I’ll probably spend New Year’s dealing with the Indian Consulate and panicking about packing again 😀


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